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Care Callers

Jesus calls all his followers to care for the sick, lonely, grieving and anyone in any need.  While pastors are an important part of caring for a church community, they are not the only ones empowered to do so.  At MPLC, we want to “grow relationships with God, each other and our neighbors in the way of Jesus.”  We can do that by working together to care for one another.

Our goal is for each person who is going through a hard time to receive the offer of caring concern from a pastor and at least one member of the congregation.  We believe we can accomplish that through our “Care Callers” ministry.

How does Care Callers Work?

Pastors provide pastoral care

The Pastors at MPLC are the first responders and are there to provide initial pastoral care for those in need. Once it is established that one would benefit from a Care Caller, one of the pastors will contact the Care Caller Coordinator to initiate the process.

Care Caller Coordinator finds a match

Once the Care Caller Coordinator is contacted, they set out to match the person in need with one of the Care Caller volunteers. Once a match has been made, the Care Caller volunteer will initiate contact.

Relationships are built and strengthened through conversation

Who may need a Care Caller?

Jesus replied, " you must love the lord your god with all of your heart, all your soul, and all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. Second is equally import.: Love your neighbor as yourself." 

Matthew 22:37-39

 Sometimes we need a little extra support. Here are some reasons you may want a Care Caller:

  • Illness or surgery

  • Death in the family

  • Divorce

  • Family concerns/struggles

  • and more!

Interested in receiving a call. Please connect with us.

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